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Many years ago a man named Euell Gibbons uttered those most famous words "Reminds me of wild hickory nuts"   While Mr.Gibbons was speaking of a tasty breakfast cearal. My family has taken those those six famous words as our own....adopted them......co-opted them.....held them hostage to our to our silly and often perverted  sense of humor. Any time our  family gets together you wiil most likely hear the phrase uttered. For instance during Sunday dinner you might hear "Man this pot roast is tasty"....."reminds me of wild hickory nuts" will come the reply. We might be congergating in the backyard enjoying a cigar and a shot when someone will up and say "that dog is sure lickin the hell out of his ass"...."must taste like wild hickory nuts to him" will come the reply. "well why don't you go on over there and have a lick"......"naw....I don't much care for hickory nuts" It's silly ...it's fun.....it's all about makin memories. That is what this site is really about. A life time of memories. Some of the stories are mine....some come from family members...others from friends. They are all totally true...eh...except for the ones that are semi-true. I'll let you the readers figure out which is which. Enjoy....and don't forget to let your people know you love them. They are after all what makes this life so special. Paul 
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